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Betsey Nord

Network Administrator

Betsey Nord, Seccuro Group, Durango, CO

This is Seccuro’s website and this is a bit of copy about me, Betsey Nord.  I represent and define the Seccuro security-care-package.  I am a prolific problem solver with organizational OCD. 

I am a task master, that insists upon thorough subject knowledge and completion-to-exceptionalism.

My career path includes 8 years in the I.T. industry with deep focus on maintenance, backup, fault tolerance, failover, & high availability systems.  I have the drive & adaptability to find the needle in the haystack, or rather, the error in the syslog.

I received my bachelor of science degree from Fort Lewis College in Environmental Biology and Chemistry.

I’m a Certified Cisco Network Administrator.

When I’m not solving puzzles or problems, I’m spending time with my daughter, gardening, or telemarking.. yes, I’m “one of those people.”

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